1. I shall conduct myself professionally at all times so as to comply with the generally accepted standards of moral behaviour and decency. 2. I shall, in accordance with wholistic principles, render my professional services for no other purpose than the total well-being of my patients 3. I shall at all times keep the standard of my professional work as high as possible. I shall endeavor to improve upon my wholistic and technical skills and professional standards whenever possible. 4. I shall never criticise, condemn or otherwise denigrate a member of the healing or any allied profession whilst in the presence of a patient or other lay person. 5. I shall ensure that anyone employed by me shall strictly adhere to the same Code of Ethics as long as he/she is employed by me. 6. I shall, upon being found to have transgressed any of the rules of the society, and/or this code of ethics voluntarily surrender and return my membership certificate upon request by the society. 7. I shall display a copy of this Code of Ethics in my consultation rooms where it is visible to all patients.

Excellent Massage - Australian Traditional Medicine Society Code of Ethics: